Chris Watts Case: Child Giggles During K9 Search of His Wife, Shannan's Closet

Chilling: Little Girl Giggles During K9 Search in Chris Watts Case

While reviewing documents, images, and videos from the Chris Watts capital murder case for a true crime book, I came across something that ran chills down my back and brought tears to my eyes . . . major tears!

Watch the video and decide for yourself if the giggles are from a toy or from one of the beautiful Watts girls, Bella or Celeste (CeCe).

Frederick Police Officer Lines is assigned as liaison to work with dog handler Jayne Zmijewski from Search and Rescue Dogs of the US (SARDUS).

Zmijewski’s dog, a Labrador Retriever named Cody, is specifically trained for signs of trauma.

In this video clip of Officer Lines’ body cam from a K9 search of the Watts home,  a little girl is clearly heard giggling while Cody searches Shannan’s shoe closet:

Below, is a transcription of the dialog between K9 Handler Zmijewski and Officer Lines to help you decide for yourself:

[Little girl giggles]

Zmijewski: “Oh my gosh! What, what in the world was that?”

Officer Lines: “Woooow!”

Zmijewski: “Go in there and step on that little blue thing and see if that’s were that . . .”

Officer Lines: “Yeah, it sounded like a kid toy.”

Zmijewski: “It sorta sounded like it.”

Officer Lines: “Something . . . there was a . . . I heard it.”

Zmijewski: “Did you hear it?”

Officer Lines: “I did.”

Zmijewski: “Sounded like a kid giggling or something didn’t it . . . or a kid.”

Officer Lines: “It did.”

Zmijewski: “Where did that come from ‘cause all he [Cody] did was go straight in there.”

Zmijewski: “That was strange. Well, we’ll make a note of that.”

Officer Lines: “I heard it. I definitely heard the same thing you did.”

Zmijewski: “Yeah, I mean he [Cody] just sorta turned around and looked.”

**Watch the full body cam video without transcription here

Source: Office of the District Attorney, Nineteenth Judicial District, Weld County Colorado. RAW body cam video, K9 Search 08-14-2018, 1203 hrs, Part 2.