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JD Crighton discovered her enthusiasm for research and writing while in college, inspired and motivated by a creative writing instructor who shared her non-fiction research project with his fellow faculty members. In college, she studied interesting topics such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology as well as her favorite, research and evaluation. In fact, JD is so passionate about research and evaluation that you will find her researching the background of most anything she comes in contact with.

JD Crighton
JD Crighton

For over two decades, JD was responsible for all phases of jurisdiction-wide emergency management and worked closely with government and other agencies including Law Enforcement; Fire and Rescue; Homeland Security; Federal, State, and Local government; Military; Hospitals; Colleges; and Schools.

JD authored government plans, proclamations, resolutions, and procedures. She also wrote informative articles, newsletters, and press releases and was a frequent subject matter expert on local cable television shows that featured her in fifteen minute and half hour segments.

JD Crighton Teaches an Incident Command System (ICS)
JD Crighton Teaches an Incident Command System (ICS) Course to emergency personnel

Like true crime author Ann Rule, JD is a victim advocate. She strongly believes in Marsy’s Law and victims’ rights—first and foremost. When covering true crime cases, she develops a great deal of empathy towards the victims’ loved ones and friends. When they cry, she cries. In writing true crime books, she feels a desire to right the wrongs the family suffered and to focus instead on the perpetrator in hopes that it would deter others like him from committing horrific crimes, knowing that ultimately justice would prevail.

Emergency Management and bucket list adventures provide JD with plenty of ideas for nonfiction books. Her biggest complaint: not enough time in a day! From the moment she wakes up until the time her head rests on her pillow, she writes, rests, writes, rests, and writes. Throw in reading, research and chocolate and her day is complete. 

JD demonstrates triage and head-to-toe assessments

Her favorite authors include: Vincent Bugliosi, Michael Connelly, Ann Rule, James Patterson, John Grisham, Erik Larson, Brad Meltzer, Jeffery Deaver, Harlan Coben, Stephen King, Lee Child.

2021, Appeared on Season 2, Episode 1 of Killer Motive: The McStay Family Mystery, aired January 23, 2021 – Preview here: https://www.oxygen.com/killer-motive/season-2/episode-1/videos/mcstay-family-car-found-near-mexican-border

2018, HH Holmes consultant for Shocking Truth “Saw” episode on ReelzChannel. HH Holmes is known as one of America’s first serial killers.

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